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[MOD][PORT] LG Widget For Liquid MT [CM7 & Stock]

Guest acer-

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Just yesterday while browsing i came across this link on xda

and i really liked the look of it so I followed the guide and made modded framework for both stock based roms and cm7 based roms

so here are the links

CM7: Link (includes cm7 based roms like MiNiMaL etc )

Stock: Link (includes Stock based Roms Like t&l etc )

First reboot may take time as the framework is modified

be sure to install this app here after reboot

Don't forget to post screen shots ;)

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and what do you mean by start screen ?? dmd logo or boot animation

the "technolover kernel edition" screen, after the initial screen of acer and before the boot animation


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100% technolover kernel problem maybe it uses different jar files

I tried to install it on Minimal, the phone was stopped on the biscuit man image for 15 min...Than i restored the backup! Have I to wait some more? Have I to do some wipes?
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Will you make it working on cm7 in future? I really like this widget!

My priorities has have changed sorry

1) Stock based minimal rom


3)everthing else

I recommend you trying it yourself

The guide is very straight forward

And you could always PM/ask if anything goes wrong

There's always a first time for everthing ;)

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