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Help! Unable update to Jelly Bean

Guest cjyap

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My wife and I both own a CloudMobile S500 respectively. Both are WW_GEN1 devies bought from Malaysia.

I have no problem updating to Jelly Bean although I have rooted my phone before.

But my wife is having problem to update to Jelly Bean although she has NEVER rooted her phone.

I have tried the follwing methods to update but all failed.

1. Update using FOTA

- After finish downloading, the phone starts veriying. When it is 100% done, An error message appears saying

that the update is INVALID, it then aborts.

2. Enter recovery mode, and try to update using the Jelly Bean update.zip file.

- After checking and before it starts flashing, it will just abort without displaying any meaningful error message.

3. Enter recovery mode and try to reflash using ICS update.zip file.

- After checking and before it starts flashing, it will abort and display some error

message. The error message shows something like WW_GEN1. I don't know whether it

aborts because of different SKU or what. But the same ICS update.zip file works fine for my phone previously.

4. Flash ICS BIN image file using Acer Download tool (ADT).

- "Flash failed" message displayed when trying to flash. No other meaningful error message displayed.

After all the failed attempts, the phone can still boot without problem meaning that it aborts before the actual

flash process starts. Look like all the attempts were aborted because certain criteria was not met. But the funny

thing is as I mentioned before, the phone has never been rooted before, so nothing has been changed on the phone.

Any other method I can try? I am thinking of doing a NANDROID backup on my phone and restore it to my wife's phone,

but I am not sure whether Nandroid restore can work across different phones and I am afraid that may "brick" the phone.

BTW, is there any update log file which I can check?

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