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[UPE/OS]★(¯ `•.Windows Phone ® 7.8 for HTC Spark_W(Veriz.)[7.10.8862.144][RTM].•´¯)★

Guest nokser

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About Info System Windows Phone for HTC Spark W:

- ROM is based on: Windows ® Phone 7.8 Build 7.10.8858.136 for HTC Spark W

- Software: Windows ® Phone 7.8

- OS version: 7.10.8862.144

- Language: en-US

About Info Supported Devices:

-HTC Spark W(HTC PC40200/Verizon)

Add/Update Oem/Dev. Packages:

-Pkg_FullUnlock - by ultrashot -update pkg

-Pkg_HtcUnlock - by ultrashot -uptade pkg

-Pkg_InteropUnlock - by ultrashot -uptade pkg

-Pkg_InteropX - by ultrashot -uptade pkg

-PkgOem_AccountManager - by ultrashot -update pkg

-PkgOem_AccountManagerWorker - by ultrashot -add pkg

-PkgOem_XapDeployer - by ultrashot -update pkg



This rom is ONLY for Spark_W, or the HTC Trophy 7 on Verizon Wireless. If your Trophy is for ANY other carrier or unbranded, this rom WILL NOT WORK on your device!

If You don't know How, then no update this System.

Release is example, for testing and have fun. At this moment, not for everyday use, etc...

Everything you do, you do at your own risk.

Download System Image Windows Phone:


Have Fun!

If you like my work and want keep leaks coming don't hesitate to use my paypal button in signature

Copyright © 2013 UPE Product by Nokser

All Right Reserved.

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