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HTC One Poor 5Ghz Wi-Fi Performance ?

Guest jimborae

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Something is not right with 5Ghz WI-Fi throughput, at least with my Vodafone supplied HTC One.

My Asus RT-AC66U arrived today and I have got it all set up correct I think. Have done comparitive speed tests with the HTC One and my Nexus 4


On 5Ghz

Nexus 4

Link speed = 72Mbps

Max Down = 54Mbps

Mx Up = 17Mbps


Link Speed = 135Mbps

Max Down = 30Mbps

Max Up = 17Mbps

On 2.4Ghz (802.11g) I get

Nexus 4

Link speed = 65Mbps

Max Down = 43Mbps

Mx Up = 13Mbps


Link Speed = 72Mbps

Max Down = 45Mbps

Max Up = 12Mbps

Hmmm that doesn't look good to me. crying.gif

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