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[NEW! Xolo ICS auto-installer for WINDOWS :-)] Totally automatic!

Guest glossywhite

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>>> Using Linux? Try the Linux version here: http://www.modaco.com/topic/361814-new-xolo-ics-auto-installer-for-linux-totally-automatic/ <<<


I've ported my XOLO ICS auto-updater from my other thread, to windows also, using a Windows "bash" shell environment (included :).

The tool will check and see if you already have the XOLO ICS "update.zip" downloaded, and if so, will go straight to installing it on the San Diego,

without wasting bandwidth downloading it again.

If you already have the "update.zip" for XOLO ICS, install this tool (don't run it yet!) and then...

## Create a folder inside "C:\winXOLOics" called "xolo_ics", and drop the "update.zip" inside it. (type exactly as seen - case sensitive!)

## Run the tool!


1/ Download the file.

2/ Run and install it. (as administrator)

3/ Make sure Intel Medfield drivers are installed -----> https://secure-softw...vsetup1.1.5.zip

4/ On your San Diego, enabled USB debugging.

6/ Plug your San Diego into the PC, and allow Windows to detect it, making sure device manager sees everything and there's no errors.

7/ On your Desktop, you'll see a shortcut: "XOLO ICS AUTO INSTALLER FOR SAN DIEGO" run as administrator.

Download here ----> http://www.sendspace.com/file/og5d90


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mm... This shell has dramatically bricked my phone...

I have tried to change my Orange ICS rom with the xolo ICS rom. No succes... :unsure:

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