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How to go back to Orange ICS?

Guest ArcticFox

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The charging port on this thing has messed up, I have Xolo ICS on.

Just tried the crossgrade, getting different errors every time I flash it, what the freak am I doing wrong. Downloaded orange ICS update, that is in the orange folder, downloaded dump.zip that is extracted in the tools/system directory, stock rom, rooted, install orange logo, flash ICS, it pushes the GB updates to the phone, then the Orange ICS, reboots into recovery to flash ICS and then errors out.

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Yes that's the guide I tried.

The problem with flashing logo and build prop is that it doesn't have the orange theme anymore.

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Yes that's the guide I tried.

The problem with flashing logo and build prop is that it doesn't have the orange theme anymore.

Ahh, yes i'd forgotten about the Orange colour scheme. You could deodex and use the themes in a pinch?

If that guide can't help then I'm out of ideas, I've stuck with Xolo myself since it gives less problems.

What exactly is the problem with the phone?

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The USB port on the bottom every time i plug it in to charge it says its not charging please plug it into the wall, like its not getting enough power.

I've tried multiple different cables, ports and usb charging plugs including the one that comes with the phone.

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Sorry to rewrite my post here, but i think this place should be here

Hi, i bought this phone which come with ICS Orange; I flash to xolo rom. I solve the color screen problem with the help of this thread. i plug HDMI cable, update the 52mb OTA file and rescue the screen.

I want to come back to the default ICS orange rom. Can i flash Orange rom found to the AiO tool which not contain the lastetupdate. Loose my screen, and apply the same protocole with hdmi cable to update Last Orange update? Can i download last Orange updated rom on the internet? ( Before flashing xolo rom, i don t saving the Orange Rom).



I try to flash with the Orange ICS with the AiO Tools or directly in fastboot after copying the update.zip on the root of the phone.

After reboot and fastboot and update initialisation, come this message.

Finding update package


Verifying .............

assert failed: file_getprop("/system/build.prop","ro.build.fingerprint") == "intel/AZ210A/AZ210A:2.3.7/AZ210_GB_01.01I/eng.svnadmin.20120503. bla bla.......

E:Error in /cache/update.zip

(statut 7)

installation aborded.

Have you a tuto step by step to go back to orange.

I don t realu understandthe first post of this thread.

I have to first flash the xolo rom, then root it with AiO tools, then change the logoand then flashthe Orange ICS?

Ined some help please. Thanks

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Problem solved.

Try to flash Orange ICS over Xolo ICS with update is impossible because we can't copy copy Orange BG system.

In fact, we have to come back to a xolo rootable rom with autorise to change to a orange logo first and, in second, to flash with orange ICS.

My protocol to come back to orange ICS over xolo ICS updated.

Need to installle AiO tool and the USB driver. Mobile in debugging mode.

Use datemicro HDMI cable tu use the mobile when the mobile is flash with the Xolo or Orange ICS without update. (this OTA update allow to recover the mobile screen).

You can actived the position option of the curseur To see what you re doing on the phone when you lost the screen.

First: flash with Xolo Update 299 mb rom.

Personnatly I copy the update file on the mobile and I flash with the update on the mobile. (you can use AiO Tool I think).

After the rebbot of the mobile, you loose the screen of the phone. That why I connect the mobile with the µHDMI cable to a TV in order to see what appen to the mobile.

Second: Use The AiO Tool to root the mobile.

You have to valide the procedure on the moblie with the help of the TV screen.

Mobile reboot

Third: Remplace the Xolo logo with the Orange logo in the AiO tool option.

Mobile reboot, and you can see the orange logo.

4: Flash Orange ICS rom

Use AiO tool to flash orange ICS rom.

You can see on the phone that, in first GB system is copiing on the phone (without root, the mobile tell you " read only file)

In second, the copy of the update file started, then installthe rom.

The phone reboot, you can see on the tv screen that you are on the orange rom. Many Orange applications are installed.

5: Recover the mobile screen. OTA update.

The aim is to do a OTA update. It seem simply but it is in fact more difficult.The position in panorama and portrait is different and you loose the third down of the phone.

But the orange security screen request a double tap on the lower screen. My tips is to connect the mobil to the PC. Its unlock for 1-2 sec the screen and allow you to scroll back the menu. Click on the parameter button and do the OTA update.

After downloding the file, accept the update. Mobile reboot and after the update, you recover the screen.

Voila ;)

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This seems to be working but i don't know why AIO tool no more recognises my phone :( it always says ERROR:no device found. This was the reason i updated and then thought of downgrading and hence this all started :(

Uninstall your Intel drivers and reinstall.
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I am in a hope of getting root again after this screen flashing problem occured. Bought my xolo in december last year. Can i just flash my own ics and when this problem occurs. I handle it to xolo care. Let them do anything. Be it a new motherboard. Atleast then i can root my phone again and never think of updating it again.

Chances are they would update it to the very latest patch for you. A few people have been caught out like that recently where they were rooted but had to send it in for repair. When it came back they'd updated and removed any chance of ever rooting again.
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