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hero v6888 root and gapps install

Guest blaster99999

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Looking to start a thread for new owners of this budget phone, as the phone does not come with English play store , we are best to start with rooting and installing gapps so anyone with use full info please help

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Thanks gagas1 for the following root and Google install

1. Download this

2. Extract it in your desktop.

3. Open folder PC and install adb drivers.

4. Connect your phone to pc in debugging mode.

5. Open folder PC/Root and double click Runme.bat and choose normal mode. When your phone prompts for restore just press restore and let it reboot.

6. Put the contents from folder SdCard to your sdcard.

7. On your phone open file manager and Install mobileuncle apk and open it. In the menu press <recovery update> and find the recovery file in your sdcard. Install.

8. When the phone reboots open mobileuncle and near the bottom click on <Into Recovery Mode>. You should have CWM

9. When in CWM choose Backup/Restore and restore the <Default> backup.

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Hi. This is not my work, i just put them together, i'm not a dev.

There is a lot of information about this phone on a spanish forum and a russian forum



Also now the phone is on amazon we might get a case and screen protector. Overall is not a bad phone for the money. The downer is the screen quality.

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