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Not streaming html 5 video in browser or streaming video from streaming apps.

Guest ZeoniteFlow

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This problem occured after I accidentally turned off the phone mid video. Upon turning the phone back on, any kind of video streaming won't start even with full 3g/wifi signal. The loading circle just disappears as if it's about to start the video and then a dialog box pops up claiming the video cannot be played. I can play locally stored files through both the default player and mxplayer so I was wondering if I could fix the issue by clearing data and cache from the streaming player app that is included in android but I am unable to find it in the app list.

Some of the apps I have tried streaming video from which all previously worked: Crunchyroll, Netflix and Web Based HTML5 videos in Chrome.

Help would be greatly appreciated and I would love to try and avoid a factory reset if possible <3

Have a lot of music downloaded on spotify and a couple of very large game.

SOLVED: I tried watching a video through internet pass-through which worked after a minute or so and now I can watch stuff on 3g/wifi again.

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