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Versus TouchTab 8DC Review : Do not buy

Guest RedSlug

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The tablet it'self is initially impressive. The textured back gives a nice grippy feel and overall impressions are that it's a good value-for-money tablet.

Jelly bean / 16GB storage / 1GB ram / IPS screen / Mini-SD / Mini-HDMI / Google Play Store

A few bits of bloatware - Angry birds etc. But basically stock Jelly bean

For £139 its seems quite reasonable.

However, after a few days the screen had failed, so back to Currys it went.

Then it went again. This time I worked out what the problem is. You can turn the brightness of the screen down to pitch black. When in this state you cannot then make the screen bright again. It's effectively useless.

I was talked through re-flashing the device by versus and it worked again.

I contacted them again to ask how this bug was going to be fixed - There doesnt seem to be an OTA updater for jelly bean (you have to use a USB cable and RockChip flashtool) and I was told

"The option to reduce the brightness down to zero is not a fault its an option. As long as you don't reduce the brightness to zero you should be fine"

This is totally unacceptable for any tablet, budget or not. It's not an "option" to disable your tablet. It's an outright bug.

Since then I have found the tablet in this state, without me touching the brightness, three times. So there is obviously something else which sets the brightness to zero.


Do not buy! It has a bug which disables the tablet, which Versus refuse to admit is a bug.

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