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[STOCK ROM][FTF] Xperia L 15.0.A.2.17 PT. TELETAMA ARTHA MANDIRI (Indonesia)

Guest Mrcl1450

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Xperia L C2105, C2104 Android 4.1.2 15.0.A.2.17 Download

Download the ftf from below link and flash it on your phone. Flashing don’t require root neither it voids warranty.

For C2104:

Download | 587 MB C2104_15.0.A.2.17_India.zip

(Credits for XDA member Rachit Rawat )

For C2105:

Download | 512 MB C2105_15.0.A.2.17_PT. TELETAMA ARTHA MANDIRI.part1.rar

Download | 79 MB C2105_15.0.A.2.17_PT. TELETAMA ARTHA MANDIRI.part2.rar

(Credits for XDA member karkand )

Xperia L Android 4.1.2 15.0.A.2.17 Changelog

  • Small Apps have been introduced.
  • Sony MyXperia app is pre-installed, it is an alternative to Google’s Android Device Manager but MyXperia was first seen in Xperia Z.
  • Camera quality increased with improved HDR feature. Front camera’s black and white bug eliminated.
  • ISO settings in camera added.
  • Shooting videos indoor at 720p mode doesn’t lag now.
  • RAM increased to 785.6 MB from 777.7 MB from 1 GB total available.
  • A little bit more space was seen in internal memory.
  • LED notifications flash differently for each app.
  • Overall performance increased.
  • Google Android Device Manager seen in security settings.
  • No OTG cable support.
  • Improved Multi-touch.

Thanks for XDA users karkand, shivamk11, Rachit Rawat for downloads & changelog.

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