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Acer CM S500 Accessories ( Romania + international )

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Hey Romanian guys !

I made this topic to find out where you are buying accessories for your phone from.  

I am particularly looking for a silicon ( or other material ) case and some 'screen guard' protection for my display.


As I have seen, Orange has no longer provided accessories for our phone, so maybe you have any idea where can I buy them from. Thank you very much.

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It's made from a hard silicone and it scratches the aluminium part of phone..because is a cheap chinese TPU

It's the same as the one on E-Bay. In fact I consider it's pretty ok, a friend of mine has a model for a galaxy s advance and it's pretty cool. Also, the fact that it is a little harder it's a plus for me , considering the fact that the phone will stay in the case, and will not be released from it.


I have no other option tough ... ( ebay estimated time of arrival is 6 dec 2013 - 1 jan 2014 , too much. )

Also , I need the screen protections more than anything, so I think I am going for this option...


Altough if you have an another option ( maybe from Romania or Europe ) it is welcome and I will consider it too.


quoting some guys from another forum :


The Silicone case (the one you call soft) are usually more thick if you want to have grip and durability …

In term of durability due to the Silicone specification , only the dark color will not change the color, in term of grip you can add any decoration and style you want it’s no strong enough for maintain well

advantage: of the silicone is he can colorful and the price is really cheap around 6 to 15$ (same type of case)

Disadvantage: Cheap looking, not a good grip, durability mediocre, cannot easily enter in sleeve, and can’t enter in leatherette case

TPU case more slim but more strong, more better grip with or without grippy decoration, you can also put it in most of existing sleeve and leatherette case (i do that)

for put a TPU case you will need a little more effort than silicone but a 10 years old kids can do it

Advantage: Elegant looking better grip, long life, and will not hide light sensor, can enter in all sleeve and case

Disadvantage: More expensive than silicone ….

Personal comment: TPU is the best, just paid attention to the first generation as many be developed without iPad in hand the hole are not well made or too small , due to the manufacturing time the second generation still just arrive in the market

Hope that help

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So I don't recommend to you to buy that..

So, I bought that, and regardless to say I love it! It has a really nice texture and the phone never moves inside it... No scratches on the aluminum parts ... Maybe there was some dust inside yours, but if you clean it properly and periodically you will have no problems.
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