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Skype issues with hudl

Guest gilljoy

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Hi all,


Just joined the forum to see if I could get some help.


My grandparents recently picked up a hudl simply to allow them to skype with there son who was moved to Australia.


After reading generally positive things about the hudl ( and finding out my cousin could get discount) they picked one up and got internet installed etc.


Unfortunately skype doesn't seem to work at all on it, if I try calling in from skype it cuts out when he answers the call, same if he tries to video call me. From my quick google this seems to be a problem the hudl has. 


Has anyone been able to get this working?

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Hi GillJoy,

Nope, no problems here with Skype in general.... Both myself and Brother seem to be able to Skype ok with Hudl's and Hudl's vs Galaxy Note (N7000). Works absolutely fine each way, and lasts as long as we want the calls to last for, which can top an hour long convo...

The problem we have found with the Hudl's, is they have really poor camera's, and so dont expect great visuals at night time, in fact you'll be lucky if you can see each other at all at night... :( Very poor Cams....

Other than that, Skype and Hangouts work fine during the day for Video calls...

Cheers, Lister

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Am worried about the same thing. Quite a long thread on the skype forum in which everyone complains of list calls/resets/crashes whenever using skype on a hudl.

have picked one up for my inlaws but not opened it to check yet

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hi folks

as regards Skype - mines keeps restarting the Skype app when I make a call and just as the other person answers - happens with even the Skype call testing service

tried the XDA versions - same problem - has it been firmly determined where the issue lies - Skype itself or the HUDL ?


has anyone got a Skype workaround configured that works for the time being for the HUDL - either with tabbie droid or any other firmware ?


nifty little tablet - and this is the only app I cant get to work

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