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[MOD][XPOSED][4.0+] XThemeEngine

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XTheme Engine - is a Xposed Framework Module that allows you to 'modify' the appearance of the User Interface, by simply installing and applying a theme.

It is similar to MetaMorph and CM10/10.1/10.2/11 - Theme Chooser , only it is way simpler than those mentioned earlier. You don't have to flash anything, and it's basicaly compatible with any AOSP ROM. 


It was initally developed for Sony and Samsung users , because of their ugly, primitive, and non-modifiable interface ( 'TouchWiz' for Samsung , and 'I Don't Know What The Name Is' - for Sony ).

Considering the fact that our magnificent, incredibly performant and beloved phones have the power of runing newer Android OSs than the actual one (4.1.2 JB - YUCKK ! ), Acer company never gave us the oportunity of receiving newer versions of Android and this is why I hate buying 'underground' technology items... (Sorry 'cause I deviated from the main subject ...) but this is what could save us from the monotony of stock android and/or Acer Shell : XThemeEngine ! 


Also , before installing / applying themes please create a Backup, otherwise, if something goes wrong (while installing Framework , or applying theme , etc. ), you will be forced to Factory Reset your device, or even to reinstall the ROM.


Download links :


XTheme Engine :  https://plus.google.com/communities/107334160991587538620 

Sample Theme : https://www.dropbox.com/s/quqsjj9e6kt7nls/SampleTheme.apk

Sample Theme GitHub : https://github.com/ruqqq/SampleTheme


Link to the original topic - XDA Developers :




Those who want the stock ROM , but also want CyanogenMod themes , here is a link to the Tool that ports themes from CM to XTheme Engine : 




BTW : There are TONS of themes out there on the internetZZZZ and would be a shame for us not to 'play' a little with our Acer's interface ... 

I will be back with screenshots of my phone , I am currently looking for theme good enough for me desires :>

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Screenshots of Cobalt Theme in XthemeEngine : 











Still I prefer using PieControls , that's why in the last screenshots you can't see navbar.


I will come back with better themes.

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