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A rather annoying issue.

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Hello everyone, kudos for the website as it really has everything for Android devices. I'm currently having a Skate (you don't say) with 2.3.4 on it. I was following a video to unlock my previously 2.3.5 Skate, and it reversed to Orange Monte Carlo, not sure if it needs to go that way.


Anyways, I would have done a miracle with tuning my Skate at this time if it weren't for a little big problem.


For anything to be done, I need USB Debugging. Now that wouldn't be a problem if I would be able to turn it on. I got the box for debugging under Development checked, but it still won't show either the icon in the notification tray (only Mass Storage icon there), nor it is shown in the Command Prompt when I try checking 'adb devices'.


I'm running 64-bit Windows XP. In Device Manager, the phone is shown only as HS HandSet Mass Storage Filter (no idea what that is).


Did anyone ever had this problem, or did I really mess up something? (note: the device is working properly, able to receive calls/messages, WiFi is working and so on)

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Try manually changing the driver to one found in one of the threads here? I'm not sure if x64 Windows XP would be a problem, since that OS wasn't used by the public much. I guess if it comes to it create a separate partition for x86 Windows XP or Windows 7.


My Windows 7 systems (one x86 and one x64) both list my device as "ZTE Composite ADB Interface".


Edit: And when I boot to recovery it changes to "ZTE Kernel Debug Interface".

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