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Wifi automatically turning off [HELP]

Guest motog99

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Hello. I have a problem. At first I unlocked bootloader, rooted, put custom recovery, all the things, than I installed faux's hybrid first from fastboot ,but wifi would automaticaly turn off if i try to turn it on, so i flashed it with cwm as was one of the replies with the same problem. After that wifi was working properly. Than i installed xposed framework and uninstalled it uncorrectly and whatnot tried to change to art which turned to be a mistake. Basicaly my phone was really messed up, cuz i played a little too much with it. So i completely wiped it and went by the guide on how to restore stock firmware. I now have uk retail version, but from the startup (with the original kernel) the wifi wasn't working. So i tried to install the kernel via cwm, but that didn't fix it. I don't know what's the problem. I also tried to copy /system/lib/modules files for hybrid kernel but nothing changes.. Maybe i could try with stock us retail 4.3 xt1032 files if anyone has them? I don't know im still a noob so if anyone of you has a solution or someething it would be kindly appreciated. 

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