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Can't download or watch videos when connected via wireless

Guest ferriah

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I need help with setting Omnia i900 to download files when it's connected on wi-fi.

When I connect on wireless network ,viewing web is ok , but when I try to download something, phone tries to connect itself via gprs rather then that wireless network, can I set it up somehow to download from wi-fi network that I currently use?

And also , I can't watch YouTube video for exmaple,if anybody knows solution ,please help.

Thank you all in advance

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cut gprs connections every time you want to use just wifi

use modaco nodata to do it. download from here http://www.modaco.com/topic/246171-new-free-utility-nodata/


about youtube you need their latest application. 2.4.4. download from here



also try to update your browser if you like to watch youtube through them





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