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Petition (Updating G700)

Guest Satana1989

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Miui Lewa Os its OK.But Cyanogenmod is very intresting for this Device.The Problem is with Dualboot and Mediatek soc.Why ????

I' m happend to answer my Question .Sorry my English is terrible

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I have an announcement to all managers!


We want to install custom rom for ascend g700 u20


Miui, cm11, color Os, Lewa roms and as it 


We need to install ascend to g700 u20.

But cwm recovery mode and loading flash we do not have information about the shape .

There are a lot of mixed information on the web . Are you opening a new page can help us ?

Please help we friends.


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Take this Recovery Twrp is better than cwm.

I have the b115 u10 and FLASHE the Rome of needrom, romzj and romjd. You have made your firmware modem.img from system / etc / firmware in the China of Rome will overwrite the sim works. Cyanogenmod does not go as Huawei library or the source code for the kernel does not release. No CM slimrom no no no omnirom AOKP. Only Miui lewaos baidurom and other ports of Rome. I've been doing it for months so in Androidhilfe.de. easily. always write the modem.img of us to China over Rome and China remove apps from system / app and from system / vendor / operator. If a Rome China has a super user and a China rootexplorer you need to get you an english speaking. either from the network or gapps bottles fals not to board. then enter the root rootexplorer right and in system / app delete the superuser app. then delete system / Xbin below and in system / bin delete su. then reboot. now with framaroot new rooten and Chinarom has a root management in English. Many good of Rome you'll find when you type in Google Chrome Google.cn and then Google China looking Rome without end. Very easy to edit. Did so with us in the Forum Androidhilfe.de slightly enriched.

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