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Screen Fix Update coming "within 3 weeks"?

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"Which" consumer magazine have spoken to Tesco about the screen freeze issue...


We contacted Tesco again this week who assured us that it had developed a fix that is currently going through Google’s certification process before being released ‘within a maximum of three weeks’.


No mention was made of an update to Kitkat though.


Full article here...






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Guest sirius-c

Good news and about time, I'm on my second one, I was so frustrated with the hudl a few days ago that I was about to return it.....guess I'll hold on for the fix. I think it's clear from the blog that it's definitely a software issue and not hardware......I wonder what the problem could be though

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Guest Justice™

It seems odd that a minor update like this would have to undergo googles certification process, which makes me wonder if they are planning on pushing kitkat out once it has passed the google CTS (if that is the certification process they're referring too) 

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