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Hi everyone, I've been sneaking into other ppls posts for some time now, but I've decided to start my own.

Some time ago, I misundertood IMEI with MEID. Knowing this better I could reinsert my original MEID, also I backed up PRL from a working phone and restored it into mine. ESN came back, not sure if it was the same as before but mac adress definitely changed.


Even though these tricks brought the phone back to almost normal function (at least theoretically), when I try to make phone calls, even tho the phone reads "calling" the call is not being made and I can't hear nothing (a grabation used to say some message before). 


Date appears unchangeable unless I go into airplane mode and reboot the phone, then I can change it, but when going back to normal mode it locks up again. Also buttons in notifiication bar aren't there. 

When checking: PROJECT MENU/VENEER INFORMATION QUERY/S/H VERSION QUERY , the only things differs from a working unmodded phone is EFS version. 

When checking: PROJECT MENU/NETWORK SETTING/ Operator and Country info option shows: 
Operator Name:chinatelecom
Country Name:cn

I still can't go back to stock UPDATE.APP method. Error is the same:

filename = /mmc1/dload/update.app
CMD=0Xf,moduleaddr = 0xd2000000, len_tmp=0x4000

What I think it's holding me down is the EFS version but I can't be sure. Any gueses?

PD: Is it possible to ask HUAWEI to release middle packages or vendor files? I think this might definitively help me.

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