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[L/U BL] Guide: Install Link2SD in Xperia L - Works on ANY rom


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So, today i was looking to install Link2SD (for those that don't know: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.buak.Link2SD ) in my Xperia L, but i faced many problems. Most of the are becouse i have a locked Bootloader and im stuck with the stock ROM.
One of the requeriments to use the Link2SD is the support to init.d scripts. Most of the custom roms support this, but not the stock one, giving a boot loop.
After looked for a while, i notice that this topic doesn't appears to be here, so lets start creating... :)
Init.d allows execute scripts in the boot. In this guide i will focus in the Link2SD, but this will enable the init.d to ALL the apps and scrips. This works in ANY rom (at least, is supposed to) and also with locked bootloaders.
And after the blablabla, a "legal part":
Disclaimer: I have tested this in my Xperia L, with a locked bootloaded and the last version of the Sony Stock rom. No problems so far, but im not responsible for any damage, including data lost, nuclear wars or explosions! But should be safe. Any problem just comment.
..:: Requirements ::..
- A Xperia L (duh...)
- Root access
- A SD Card with some space (8 GB or more is recommended, unless you don't use the sd card).
..:: Steps ::..
First of all, you need of create a second Partition on the SD Card. I will not go in many details at this point. There are many guides about how to do this around the web (just a example: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1614700 - ONLY Point 1 to 4 ).
After create the new Partition, restart the system.
Now lets start the magic:
1 - Start (or install and start) the "Init.d Toggler" app.
2 - Just click in the button "Enable Init.d" .
3 - Restart your phone
If everything works fine, good. Now you should have support to the init.d! Yeahhhh 
Now lets proceed to the Link2SD:
1- Open the Link2SD. 
2 - Wait a few seconds and should appear a pop-up to creat the link2sd script, requesting to you select the File System of the second partition. Just do it!
3 - If the pop-up doesn't appear, go to the menu and press "Recreate mount scripts".
Always select the File System that you have used in the second partition. After that, reboot one last time.
And now, if everything works fine, you should have the Link2SD active and working fine!
Any question just let a comment!  :D
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Hello again,

Ok, so after the publish of the first message, some users appear to report problems with the SD card not being corrected mounted in the Android.

In some SD cards, after create two partitions, the first partition (used for the storage) appears cannot be mounted. Always appears a error about the SD Card being empty of the filesystem damaged.
The second partition, used in Link2SD, works fine. Is just the first one.

There is a way to bypass this problem using the NTFS filesystem.
So, first of all, you need a SD card reader in your PC. After that, is just needed to format the first partition (and ONLY the first) to NTFS.

Android doesn't handle very well NTFS, so is needed a new app to make it support: Paragon exFAT, NTFS & HFS+ (check the Google Play)
After install the app, just run it. He should mount the new NTFS partition and should now be usuable under the Android system. smile.gif

Problem solved.
yeehhh  :)  :) 

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Thank You So Much Bro. :)

I have Sony Xperia L , and I was facing the bootloop problem after partitioning the SD Card, and I had searched over a week about any solution to help me and I couldn't find it.

So, I registered to this website just to say Thank You Bro. <3 :)  YOU MADE MY DAY  :)

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Glad to see that this help you. :)


I also have been searching for this and didn't find nothing... so i have decided go for it and test it... :D

Hope that this help many people to avoid boot loops. ;)

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hi bro.

It's me again :)

I had an error with my SD Card " Input-Output Error ", so I had to reformat it, then I repeated the whole process of Link2SD card, but now I returned to the bootloop issue as if I didn't install the init.d toggler app !!!

I made a factory reset and repeated the process but same result :( 

so bro. you have any idea ??? I am soooo bored :(

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Do you have root installed? This works in the stock rom, but you should have root. If you made a factory reset the root is removed...


Also, check in the init.d toggler app if the init.d is working fine (run the test on the app).

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after I made the factory reset I installed CPU-Z and the Root Access " Yes "

and in Init.d Toggler  " Root has been found " and " Busybox found! You're good to go "

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Thanks bro. for your help

I made hard factory reset, then rerooted then the rest of the process and now all things acts normally except the link option in the Link2SD, I can't link any app with my SD Card " from Play store Or APKs "

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Because of my mistake, you could say I am definitely a noob, so I will have to bother you a little bit. I really need your help here guys. I did as instructed above, but I still got stock on a boot loop with no recovery apps installed on my xperia L - C2104


I have tried looking for hardkeys combinations for factory reseting the phone, but with no positive progress so far.


Any options for my before I have a heart attack? :) Your help will be very (VERY) appreciated.




Hi everybody, I am going to answer myself. I have today I learned a lot from yesterday's mistake. I though that if I removed the sd card, Link2sd and the Init.d Toggler app wouldn't have an sd card to run the scripts and the boot loop shouldn't come out. Well, indeed this is what I did. I just removed the sd card and the phone came to life! Well I am installing a recovery for the phone, and fixing everything to try again. Thanks for the post btw, great info on how to use Link2sd on our phones!

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