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No custom bootanimation, just stock Android logo

Guest Smellfungus

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Good afternoon, fellow Hudl users.


Before I present my problem, I would just like to say 'thank you' for the hacks, guides, and link you have presented here. You have helped me root and debrand my tablet, and got me out of the scrape I found myself in earlier today.


The problem I had (resoved with a flash of the latest ROM), but would like to know how to resolve without resorting to a ROM flash, is that custom boot animations do not work on my Hudl, though they on my son's.


When I load the custom animation into /system/media, the Hudl resorts to using the standard Jelly Bean Android logo as shown below. Even when I load the original bootanimation.zip back on the Hudl refuses to play it. I've checked permissions, tried different ways of loading bootanimation.zip on (using a root explorer app and ADB), but nothing works.




I'm really stumped. The same bootanimation.zip works on my son's Hudl which was purchased and updated OTA at the same time as mine.


Any suggestions?




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