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Y300 Disassembled, proximity not working. Help needed.

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I disassembled my phone after it get wet. I dryed it with a hair dryer, but after i put together the phone, the notification led's light was seen through the proximity and light sensor's window. I tryed to separate the led's light from the other components with duct tape. It worked, the light doesn't coming through but my proximity sensor is not working. If i disassemble the phone, it works. I tested it with a phone tester app. If i put the phone together the proximity sometimes stuck in "far" or "near" state. I dont know why it happens, i can see the sensors learly through its window, and the light sensor works properly. I cleaned the window from the inside but it is not working. Can you tell me, or better if you can send me a photo of the component that i am lost, or why the prox is stuck?


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When you try to assemble the phone something puts pressure to it or its data stripe (if its stripe) or on its data path so it's not working when you are done bat it work's when you disassemble it again. Try to find out what it is putting pressure to it. While you are at it do brush the contacts gently with toothbrush to remove possible starts of oxidation (if you didn't done this already).

This is not for a Y300 bat you will find casing fairly similar!



Photo you have put up is horrible I can't see anything on it!

Their is a photo guide for Y300 on this forum, search for it.

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