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Help request - copy of factory partition required

Guest Droibles

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Hello all!


Need a bit of help. This request is only really to anyone comfortable with extracting partition images from the Hudl.


Due to finger trouble I today mistakenly overwrote the factory parition on my Hudl - the one starting at 0x00342000


My Hudl still boots into recovery and I can issue rkflashtool commands to it, but it won't boot into the main system at all now.


Would someone be really kind and dump an image of the 'factory'  partition and make it available for download somewhere?


This would be achieved easily in Linux by running:


rkflashtools r 0x00342000 0x00020000 >hudl-factory.img


This would be a Hudl life saver!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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