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Responsive and smooth, stock ROM.

Guest Coreyz0rZ

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Hi, I'm currently modifying a rom by ShockeyCzT, it's his stock ROM re-pack and I'm mainly doing this for my own phone, but I was wondering if it's okay to modify someone elses work and credit them?

If not, I'll just keep it for myself but otherwise I will share my results after. I know it's not legal to add trial apk's or cracked ones so they won't be included. (Also Credit to Tim Hutt for his apps)

My "work" so far. 






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Yes you can ;)

Just give credits to him

Okay mate, looking forward to completing this, it's so smooth, 185mb of ram free when it's idle with nothing running... I know about ram being used by android, the more you have the more it taxes etc etc but this is heading in a good direction, no stability lost, simple, partly vanilla 4.1, tried to use it as a daily driver today and I had not a single problem, although I did remove the Huawei Clock apk and needed an alarm -.-

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