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Zip based modified stock ROM (Stable and fast)

Guest Coreyz0rZ

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Hi, the last 4 days I've been modifying a stock ROM, taking out bloatware, replacing some system apps with lightweight Cyanogen apps whilst leaving the main apps in the ROM to keep it from bugging out, I've been testing it by using it the last 2 days and so far I find it far better than using a Cyanogenmod ROM or any other non-stock ROMs. I'm uploading a download link soon if anybody wants to try it for me, would be grateful for any feedback given and if I haven't credited enough let me know.




Tim Hutt (Launcher and MMS)


CM Team (Torch, Browser, Gallery/Camera, Clock, Apollo)


ShockeyCzT (Stock Re-Pack)


I'm new to this, I'm familliar with how Android is put together but I'm a total noob at coding etc etc, I just thought it'd be a nice idea to try and cut down a stock rom and make it lightweight and more responsive.


Thanks, Corey.












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let me know when you are done. i would like to go back to a decent stock rom. ive customized mines but it had some bugs, so i changed to carbon... it was working fine untill it restarts every time i erase an app. its getting on my nerves. so im going back to the general factory stock and start customizing again.

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