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Moto G camera fails to keep pictures

Guest Pofadda

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This has happened repeatedly and erratically.  I take a shot with/without flash, can retrieve it immediately from within camera app (sideways swipe) and then, alter, when I need to edit them, I find that there is no record available of the shots I have taken.


I have a number of camera apps but all of them were installed after this worrying failure started, so they are unlikely to be to blame.


The phone is running 4.4.4 and is rooted.


Is this a rare occurrence?


If I delete the third-party camera apps will this delete their pictures as well?  I am uncertain as to how the images are stored, whether as files or as database fields or whatever...


Is there any Android app or ADB (whatever) procedure that might be able to find 'lost' jpegs?


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This fault is really starting to piss me off. I have just lost a number of hard-to-get shots with only the early ones - the ones I checked, felt good about the camera app, and then shot away, only to find nothing that I had done since.


It is clearly a VERY rare occurrence.  No-one even me-tooed' it.


Others are as uncertain as I am about the location of picture files (apart from the should-be DCIM folder tree which at least one other app does not adhere to).


And there is no ADB-mediated app/script that I can try to find the missing jpegs?  I can find no 'find' command via the terminal.

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