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Recovery Screen is black after unlocking and rooting G510

Guest karenkreative

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Hi have searched the internet for someone with the same problem, but have found no answers. I rooted and unlocked the G510, installed CWM and got ready to flash a rom, but no matter which route I take I cannot access my recovery menu. Every time I select reboot recovery (CWM) or use the hard reset button combination, OR reboot into recovery via ADB I get a blank, black screen and no matter how long I wait, nothing ever happens.


The phone however is functioning normally, but I really want to upgrade to Lollipop!


Two questions - can I get the menu back somehow? OR can I flash the stock rom by putting the dload folder on the root of my micro SD card and pressing vol+, vol- and power at the same time and letting it happen automatically, and then start the process again??


Please help!

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