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medion lifetab s10346 aldi attemp vs tesco hudl 2 mini review

Guest turboteeth

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Just got myself 1 of these as an upgrade to my faulty returned hudl2 (£129)

This has similar spec but has more storage and a larger screen for just £20 extra (£149.99) I think it's well worth it, it even came bundled with headphones, a stand and an otg cable unlike tescos latest attemp!

A few of the specs off the box

CPU is a 1.8GHZ quad core Intel atom same as hudl2

Full HD 1920x1200 IPS display 10.1 inch hudl2 is 8.3

32GB internal memory hudl2 is 16

2GB ram same as hudl2

2mp front 5mp rear camera same as hudl2

2 front facing speakers hudl2 at rear

13 hour battery life don't remeber advertised spec of hudl2 battery but it lasted around 3 hours under heavy use this lifetab had 80% out of the box and I've been on it 7 hours already and still has 20% remaining

Also has infrared sensor so can use remote apps etc

Has a good quality feel to it.

Only had it a few hours and already I'm well impressed

Benchmarked it with antutu and scored just under 36k hudl2 scored just under 30k but that app is not the most accurate :(

Real racing 3 and modern combat 5 run fluently ;)

Plenty of bundled useful apps

Beats the hudl2 hands down in my opinion just hope I don't have as many problems with my new toy ;)

Only downside are the speakers even though front facing and loud and clear, they don't pack the punch of the hudl 2

But if I was to make a recommendation I would say buy the lifetab unless you get the hudl2 with club card boost at half price then buy that instead and hope the upcoming updates fix the problems!

And I'll keep my fingers crossed that this lifetab is not also riddled ;)

And for the haters this is just my opinion from my own experiences using both tablets, my advice is free I don't expect anybody to listen everyone has a preference and this one is mine.

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Interesting tablet and interesting review - just a shame it's a 'special' and not a stock item at Aldi.

Just checked with medion's website isn't stocked as a buyable tablet either ....



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I read elsewhere that the screen sensitivity isn't so good and that it's laggy and doesn't take input so well if you type too fast. Do you disagree with that? I'd totally jump ship for the extra battery life and increased screen size (my visual acuity is low anyway). I don't suppose they have instore test devices like Tesco.

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No mate I won't disagree with the typing to fast issue I'm doing it now and typing as fast as I can and its missed twice up to now. But typing at my normal rate it has not missed yet!

I didn't really fast type test on a hudl2 so can't say if its better or worse.

But I've not experienced any lag at all so far if anything the lifetab is more fluent.

Only problem I have had is with a game I had on the hudl2 won't run on this? Avp evolution I'd have thougt being similar spec there wouldn't be a problem but I'm no expert. And its a small price to pay. All my other games seem to run better.

But like I've said its early days yet.

And in the 2 stores local to me they had no demo units?

For more info see the medion site http://aldi.medion.com/md98992/uk/?refPage=medion

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