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CyanogenMod 12 PORTED!!!! FINALLY

Guest mitko7411

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hmm.. stuck on the boot animatioN ?
Guys how to fix it i want lolipooop :( i am stuck on the boot animation

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So... Have you figured out why you're boot-looping yet? I know why it's not working. Just like last time (Please keep to the one thread if you're just testing!). So far the only other phone that has had successful ports from has been the N880E which is really just a CDMA version (with a msm7627A chipset) of the Skate Acqua (which has a msm7227A chipset).


@KonstaT which toolchain are you using?  :) because i cant compile your kernel :/ // i've decided i will use official source  :P

[email protected] I've just booted this : http://www.needrom.c...le/zte-n880e-2/ official 4.1 from N880E  :) working well  :D
Its much faster than CM10 ;P ( amazing speed omg really smoooooth) i will clean it from chinese apps and upload here tomorrow if someone want it.

@@ Do NOT flash it directly without changes! It will brick your BladeIII.

Since the N880E doesn't have a lollipop build yet (and I highly doubt anyone will bother, because there isn't even a Kit-Kat port yet - that was just Jelly Bean 4.1.2), you'll have to build it yourself from the source! Follow Konsta's build instructions (You'll have to double check the sources exist and modify them for CM12) in CM11 thread.
You'll need a 64-bit computer with a Linux installation (preferably Ubuntu 12+ or similar), and probably 100 GB or more free space for the sources to download to. It might not take that much to download it (maybe only 30-40 GB) but this is also for the build environment to work in. I also recommend you have a solid state drive to download to, as these have better integrity than other drives (IDE/SATA). These are, after all, sensitive files you're dealing with, and any entropy (breakdown) in the files will lead to bugs in the ROM anyway (you'll probably need a hardware run).
Because nobody here has tried building from source for CM12 yet, and you obviously want to, it's now time you tried. Want it? Go catch the pigeon. It'll be a lot more successful than trying to port it from an incompatible source. Personally, I wouldn't bother until the code-base has stabilised, as then there won't be so many bugs with it - otherwise you'll have to keep rebuilding. I would wish you good luck her, but luck has nothing to do with it.
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Give me a link to rum might help to port, if it is really a lollipop.

1. its not working

2.its lollipop yes

3.i dont have the zip file anymore+im not developing right now

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