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android 5.0

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İ dont know how can i create new ROM


You need a 64-bit computer, running a reasonably recent version of Linux. Plenty of hard drive space (it's 30GB just for the source code, and I'd make sure you have a lot more than that!).


Follow the instructions given to us by Ramo Okic.


The build instructions from KonstaT will come in handy, so that you can get device specifics.


Then you can get around to downloading and building the ROM from scratch. But, and this is a big but:

If something goes wrong, or buggy, it's on you (the builder) to fix the bugs. This takes a good knowledge of C++, Java and XML depending on what the problem is, and since this is an End Of Life (EOL) device, I can see why even KonstaT would shy away from the idea. In other words: Proceed at your own risk!!


Then learn it.


Have you managed it yet? Not asking for any other reason than if you've successfully built it yet. I certainly wouldn't want to try building unless somebody has had success so far. We only need one, and I might just jump.

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i didint make it :/


Probably best not to try it. These phone's of ours aren't going to be able to cope with it very well... This phone has reached the end of it's life (by a good year, to be honest) and it would take a lot of effort for something that won't work properly, at least in the beginning, and probably ever.


We are far better off to get newer phones, and even the lower end phones are leaving ours (hardware spec wise) in the dust. But they will always be classics. Probably ZTE's best phone thus far in terms of it's user base (devices sold). But with a new phone, means being able to get Android 5.x and possibly 6.x

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but fırst roms developed for old android devices for better experience thats why they can develope new rom for zte blade 3 im using this telephone since 2014 and i dont want to change my phone cause new smartphones are to expensive in Turkey

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