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[Project] Bulding CM12 from source for ZTE Blade 3

Guest Le Cosaque

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So far so bad.  :D
Ok, so what I did up 'till now was to follow Konstat's instructions in the cm11 thread on how to build it and replacing the git repo with that of cm12. I'm new to this and I'm trying my best. And before anyone starts spamming about ETA remember!
The first rule of CYANOGENMOD - NO ETA's!

With that out of the way. the only thing I haven't done from Konstat's guide is:

6. Apply patches. There's few patches needed for classic webview (1,2,3,4,5). Copy patches into respective project directories, change into directories and apply patches.

git am -3 patchname.patch

And that is because I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. Nevertheless I've gotten to the end point by skipping this step and what it gives me as an output is:

art/build/Android.common_build.mk:209: *** LIBART_IMG_HOST_BASE_ADDRESS unset.  Stop. 

So I need help. I have no idea how to fix the "platform version" to 5.0 or whatever. And no, I haven't build the kernel from source 'cus I have no idea how to do so. As I said this is my first time doing something like this. I know what some of you will say, before doing this I should sit down and read more guide's and tutorials... the problem is, that I read everything that I can find on the topic, but I'm just not the kind of person that learns well from reading. I learn by doing and asking people for help when I stumble and can't seem to find a fix for a problem. That is why before anyone stars mouthing off how I should learn to use google, I already did that and didn't find anything helpful.

Thanks in advance for any advice and good day to you :)
/oh and sorry for my bad English :)/

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It's 4.4.4 because you've replaced android_build project from legaCyMod instead of using the one you that you should. legaCyMod doesn't have cm-12.0 branches so you can't use anything from there. Using cm-11.0 device trees as is won't work either. You'll have to update with the changes required for building Lollipop (see what other devices have done). You'd also need to create/update legacy display/media variants for cm-12.0 (this would be one of the very few devices still using PMEM). You really have a mountain to climb.


Even if you somehow got it to build, it doesn't it mean it actually boots on a device. Even if it boots, it doesn't mean any hardware features (wifi, bluetooth, camera, video dec/enc, etc) will work. Even if something works, it would still be far away from anything that is actually usable. Honestly, even if I still had a device, I would never do it. It's not worth wasting anyone's spare time in making it when you can decent devices with reasonable prices these days.

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Well, since I'm a begginer I decided that I'll listen to Konstat's advice and am now learning how to port the latest kernel for our device.

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Well, since I'm a begginer I decided that I'll listen to Konstat's advice and am now learning how to port the latest kernel for our device.

Well, as a beginner, it might be easier just to continue on the previous path and hack display/media HALs to work on the old kernel and proprietary blobs.


Enabling ION (vs. PMEM) in kernel isn't too difficult either. This would allow using slightly newer (but still outdated) display/media HALs and proprietary blobs. Camera won't work with the proprietary blobs we have from ZTE stock firmware and I never invested the time in fixing it with ION.


Either way, even in the best case scenario, you're going to end up with a build that has a lot things broken in the beginning.


@KonstaT which are similar models like ZTE Blade 3?

Devices with msm7x25a, msm7x27a, msm8x25 and msm8x25q chipsets. Latter two are nothing but dual- and quad-core variants of msm7x72a with a slightly updated GPU (Adreno 200 vs. 203).
Click 'Browse all device based on ...'
As for similar devices, HTC Explorer, Huawei Y300 and LG L5 have some kind of Lollipop ports (for many parts broken). All also use ION (vs. PMEM used on this device).
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