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*Request* VIBE UI for Blade V

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Nothing yet , i can found vibe ui roms only for mtk devices .

You know that i tried to port a rom from lenovo A760 which is very similar to Blade V but though i fix the problem with boot , i fix also bluetooth , sim recognition , camera , mobile data and almost everything but unfortunatelly i cannot fix wifi .

Yesterday i manage to port a rom from Karbonn S5 titanium , but i have the same problem with wifi as with Lenovo A760 and i don't know where the f#@k is the problem.

The only clue is that both Lenovo and Karbonn roms support dual sim and i have the same wifi problem with both ports.

I really can't find why wifi don't work though i found the file that causes the problem ( it's the bdata.bin file , when i add the file to rom and i try to turn wifi on , then phone goes to bootloop , when i delete the bdata.bin file rom works fine but without wifi , it's really strange and i can find a way to fix it ).

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