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First time Hudler

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Looking for some pointers for my sons Hudl.


I dont know the original history.  I received it stuck in a recovery loop.  Factory reset or pin hole reset same - only boots into recovery.


Using Win7 32Bit I can flash it "successfuly" in either RKAndroid tool with Helios ROM or RKBatch Tool with an original ROM.


Since doing this the only thing I can acheive is flash mode, it will no longer do anything else.  Apart from getting into flash mode for all intentions it now appears dead.


Is it now a door stop or is there hope?


Thanks in advance.

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Just to be clear 'what' exactly happens when you press the power button - please include anything you see on the screen or hear?


Also what if anything do you see on the screen if you connect it to the power supply via the included usb cable and turn the power socket on, but not the hudl?

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