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Hello i have demiged my Ascend Y300 data, please give me data folder.  :unsure: 


(Please Don't delete this topic moder :( )
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The ROOT/data directory usually contains the user data, if I am not wrong.

User data contains the applications created by the user, application cache files, contact data, messages etc.


If your ROOT/data directory is deleted then you have lost all your data, installed applications, contact, messages etc.


Now, if somebody will give you his ROOT/data then it will be his data, his installed applications, contacts etc....


Don't worry and start learning to take backup of your data.

I hope the below link will help you out from the next time:


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When I turn on my phone it's written "Phone is Sim Network Locked" and wants me to enter the code.


Go to Settings > Security  and select the "SIM/RUIM card lock"

See if Lock SIM card check box is checked. If it is checked then SIM card lock is ON.


Just uncheck the box and I think it should not ask you the next time onwards you will boot your phone.

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