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Liquid Smooth 4.0 Fixes and customizations Guide

Guest juantech

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Hello to alls, i decided to create a LS 4.0 guide why after trying to solve some errors and configure the rom for much weeks, i could fix the worst problems of this and customize it giving a great result.


If someone would say a non discovered fix will be added to the guide.


What we will need for do all this will be download: Trickster Mod(select the set on boot option if you want the modified configuration allways), Total Commander, Lollipop Launcher, Open Camera and acept his respective root requests.




I have the phone hot and its rebooting for the high temperature


Fix: In TricksterMod go to specific>MPU Voltages and decrease all the MPU Voltages 50.


you can increase or decrease this voltages but remember allways what when you decrease you will have a tiny bit less of performance and when you increase a tiny bit of performance but too a more high temperature.


Warning: dont touch the LPCore Voltages im not sure if what shows Trickster Mod here is the default voltages of LPCore, in the MPU voltages yes is the default.


The battery draining its very fast and the frequency its allways the same


Fix: With TricksterMod go to specific>CPUQuiet Power Management>balanced...General>Governor>abyssplugv2 and if you want a ultra speed with this config go to General>Governor>Governor Control>upthreshold 21.


if you dont have deep sleep be sure what the Dynamic FSYNC is ON in TricksterMod.


The games are slow


Fix: With the ultraspeed configuration of abyssplugv2 what i sayed go to General>Scheduler>sio.


With sio scheduller all the apps will have all the ram what needs for dont have lags and the minimum frequency for don t drain more the battery than what we should drain.


The default scheduler its row, precisely this is the worst of alls for the games, allways when i test it in a game the game have much lag, for this if we don t want lags we should use sio scheduler what apart of be the best in the games too i seek in a scheduller guide what is the best for all things, less multitask because of the ram system what i sayed.


The governor in the game will give some puntual inestabilities but not lags for this i don t touch it for play, if you dont want these inestabilitis General>Governor Control> i dont remember if was increasing the number of down differential or sampling down factor, i think is the first and increasing this you should have less game puntual inestabilitis, but with this you will drain more your battery for this i dont do this, only is puntual, and are allways 100% playable.


The icons gives me the impression of what dont have HD (how alls roms),are big or you want other opening animations


Fix: Download Lollipop Launcher>open app>exit app>mobile initial screen>push options fisical button>settings>general settings>set default launcher>lollipop launcher allways (if you like it)


if you want dont use ram when you don t use the launcher go to General and dont push the box, but if you dont want to wait when the launcher it s loads sometimes, then push the box.



I dont have mobile connection in some boots


Fix: Go to Adjusts>More>Mobile networks>Tipe of network>choose 1 and wait to see the mobile connection icon with connection, if you want the default change it after this.


I can t choose my music as alarm


Fix: Download Total Commander>enter app>exit app>enter clock widjet>alarm icon>bell>choose Total Commander and specify the route of the music archive.


Total Commander will be too a fix for the bug of what i cant play videos, if you play 1 with Total Commander will be fixed the normal video player.


The camera its giving me some problems or i would prefer other


Fix: Download Open Camera.


How to customice the mobile theme or menu colors


Search Layers in Google Play Store>Download whatever you want>open app>install>error>go to settings>Layers>Layers manager>Select layer to install>Overlays>Choose it>return to layers manayer>Install chosen layer>reboot.


And if you want change the previous layers theme installed: Push the box>Delete all>do what i sayed if you want other and reboot. (if you cant access to the adjusts after use the layer app then reboot)  


How to use Privacy Guard


For use Privacy Guard go to Settings>Security>Privacy Guard>long press in the app for see all the permissions of it>disable what  the app dont needs.


With a click in the app you can disable all permissions but you could erase something what the app needs for work with normality, for this i dont recomend this, only disable what the app dont needs.


Enable screenshot option


For to can take screenshots we have to enable it  Settings>LiquidSmooth>First option>Global menu>+>screenshot.


After this allways when we long press the power off button the screenshot option will be here and we will can take so screenshots as we want.


Increasing scrolling performance


Adjusts>LiquidSmooth>First option>Animations>Scrolling Cache>Force Enable


The description says what increases performance but sacrifices memory but only some kbs (in other words nothing)if you want to clean this you can do it with clean master app.


Ultra clear audio


With TotalComander root of system archives>system>build.prop>open with>Totalcmd-editor>#Various tweaks here add these lines below.


# Various Tweaks

echo ro.audio.samplerate=48000

echo ro.audio.pcm.samplerate=48000

echo persist.dev.pm.dyn_samplingrate=1

echo persist.audio.samplerate=4800

echo persist.af.resampler.quality=255

echo persist.audio.pcm.samplerate=48000

echo persist.af.resample=48000

echo af.resampler.quality=255


Save and push yes to the questions what asks TotalComander. After this reboot for to take effect.


With this lines you will can give more sound to the mobile without having so much the high sound bad frequency problem  what was here since stock rom and gives the impression of have the speaker broken, you will be impressed with the clear audio of single sound effects.

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