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Y300 Got Bricked! Can't flash any ROM and any Stock Firmware :-(

Guest imhashir

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I was using a custom rom on my Huawei Ascend Y300 for a long time. (Fluffy ROM) It was fine. Then I decided to switch back to Stock ROM.
I flashed B199 build but it didn't work. (I had flashed B199 build alot of times previously and it always worked but now its not working). It stuck on Step2/2.
Then I read on internet that I should zero IMEI and try again. I did so and tried but now when i try to install firmware (B199 & B194) it is just showing a pink progress bar which just fill to 1/3rd part and then stops.

Here is the current status of my device:
-- I get into fatsboot mode whenever i try to turn it on. On PC it is detected in "Fastboot devices"

-- I cannot flash any recovery from fastboot mode. I gives an error.

-- It is not installing any firmware. I stucks on about 1/3rd of the progress bar.


I think zeroing IMEI did very bad to my device. hope someone could help me here. Thanks in advance.

By stock, it was running on B190 firmware.

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