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Xposed possible in lollipop

Guest cachetesmata3

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Hello friends how I am browsing eataba XDA and found this


be possible to work in our rom lollipop .. Greetings

OMG.... please kid, if you don't even know how to properly type in Spanish, why bother using Google Translator???? 

What ever you wanted to transmit is unreadable. It may be possible to figure out what you wanted to say, but it's difficult, and hurts to read text like that.


PLUS; We all know about Xposed framework beta running in Lollipop and its limitations. We are not newbies. Anyone who's using Xposed framework knew this at the moment lollipop versions were released. 

If you read the comments in Xposed threads or lollipop ROM threads (The search engine is your very BEST friend), you will notice that questions and information regarding Xposed framework in Lollipop have been since the very first days of lollipop.

So, i invite you to improve your typing skills and logical use of google Translator and to properly use the Forum, in a wisely way.


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