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Hudl2 Wifi Issue

Guest theblarney

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I have a Hudl2 where the wifi will not stay connected for long enough.  I wanted to upgrade the operating system as it seems to me to be a software issue.

First of all I formatted the Hudl2 which seemed to be a mistake as now every time it boots it starts the setup but because the wifi wont stay on long enough i cant get any further.

Once the Hudl did connect to wifi long enough to start an update download but stops a few % in.

I wondered if someome would be able to advise how I can update the Hudl using my laptop or SD card to see if this helps or if you know of a way to resolve the wifi issue.

In the command screen it says i have: KOT49H.rel.android-build.20151102.170607

Thanks in advance..

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I have a brand new one, it will see wifi and accept the wifi password but won't fully connect (but it states that it does).  Same on four different networks that I've tried.  I have an older bit of firmware (KOT49H.rel.android-build.20141009.191216).  Did you find a solution?

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