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Fonz93's CM10.1 and push notifications

Guest hrmb26

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Hey guys I have fonz' CM10.1 rom and I've been having troubles with push notifications specially whatsapp's I read in his post I should flash a .zip that'd correct the problem. The thing is I don't know if I've flashed it correctly, the signal and wifi icons are still grey and notifications are delayed. My question is how can I solve this problem and how should I flash the .zip? I used TWRP to flash but there's no way for me to know if the script is active or what. Teach me how to do it please, and thanks.

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I also have a huawei g510 with the same rom you have your installed. cm10.1
Fonz. jb 4.2.2
also with the same problem of late notifications in whatsapp.
we go to the Play Store and seek: BEST KEEPER WIFI and install.
After this, we open the application and select the first two options and if you do not want notifications, uncheck the third box.
I hope your problem is solved because to me to run.
luck and sorry for my English, is online translator :)
  a greeting.

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Hi, i found the solution! Go to Settings-WiFi-click last button on right so u can acess ADVANCED settings-Keep wifi on during sleep- set to ONLY WHEN PLUGGED IN! There is no logic but it works, if u set to always you will not recieve notifications on time.


Above app pacoelda reccomend eats battery because it keeps phone from going to deep sleep. Also turn off WIFI OPTIMISATION in same advanced settings.

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