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Device / ROM is corrupted. What steps can be taken?

Guest MeiR_ct

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I have a ZTE Blade 3 with stock ROM from a local operator in my country.

The devices started to show a lot of problems recently:

  • Settings are not saved at all (when I set some setting and then re-enter the menu, it's rolled back to what it was before).
  • Not able to have *ANY* connectivity (no cellular data, no WiFi, cannot send/receive files with Bluetooth)
  • The device is recognized on Windows with USB, but I cannot browse the device as it looks empty in explorer.
  • The device isn't listed on "adb devices" (probably because "USB Debugging" setting isn't saved as all other settings).
  • Plenty of "force close" and other error messages from many user and system apps showing up all the time.

I can enter "FTM" mode and download mode (with black screen and red led light), but also then the device isn't listed on "adb devices".

It seems that I can install an "update.zip", and that's also the only way I can enter  recovery mode.


I suspect it's a hardware issue, like a corrupt EMMC or some other internal problem.

My target now is to backup everything I can, and then attempt to format and re-install stock ROM from scratch, hoping it's a software issue after all.

The problem is I can't install any backup application due to lack of connectivity, and neither install APKs that I put on the SD card due the inability to tick "Trust unknown sources" (as I said, settings are not being saved).

I tried to create a custom "update.zip" with "updater-script" that pushes APKs to "/system/app", but no matter how I sign it (with "signapk.jar" or copying "META-INF" folder from a stock ROM), it always shows me "Signature verification failed" or "Whole-file signature verification failed".


I'm about to give up and try to "Wipe data / factory reset" (I'm not even sure it will work).

Before I do it, can anyone please guide me what can I do at this point in order to backup my app data and messages? 

Maybe I must use a special and specific ".pk8" and ".pem" key files in order to sign "update.zip" for the ZTE Blade 3? So far I used the test keys from Google and self-created keys by me.


Thanks in advance,



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Hi Meir,

Yes a factory reset may work, but it may also lead to the same problems happening again before too long, but it would seem the best course of action is to reinstall the ROM, at which point I have to say you need ZTE's keys to make alterations to a stock ROM, which I highly doubt you'll get a hold of.

A full wipe and fresh install would be the ticket. If symptoms persist check your hardware.

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Thanks for your reply MJonMoDaCo.

Does the verification in the recovery accept only files which are signed with the same keys that were used for signing the stock ROM?

If yes, I may try to grab the keys from a tech guy who works in the cellular operator lab, and I will be able to sign with them every custom "update.zip" that I will create.

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On 9/15/2016 at 11:28 PM, MeiR_ct said:

Does the verification in the recovery accept only files which are signed with the same keys that were used for signing the stock ROM?

Yes. Because of this, you would probably be better installing ClockWorkMod, and disabling the Signature verification to flash your ROM. It's effectively a custom ROM anyway, so you might as well. Perhaps your friend may help you, although I'm not so sure how necessary that will be. Good luck though.

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It's necessary since I must backup my data and messages before installing a new ROM. 

The problem is I cannot install CWM because "adb" doesn't recognize the device.

Using a custom "update.zip" seems the only way I have to attempt to backup.

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