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[SOLVED] Tesco official 1.3.1 firmware & CWM, do they work??

Guest Lister Of Smeg

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Hi All,

I doubt anyone visits or looks at this forum anymore?  If those of you who are still around, and remember the old days....

Is it possible using the last (AND ONLY) update that came from Tesco, to update the Hudl (1st gen) to firmware 1.3.1 STOCK, and then flash ClockWorkMod to it...??

I've been trying for days/weeks now, with no success... Has anyone here managed to flash ONLY the CWM recovery image to their Hudl on the last official stock firmware? I'm begining to wonder if Tesco (or the original OEM) has blocked access to flashing this in that firmware.

Biggest issue is getting the Tablet to work in Windows... The driver will not install, or recognise as either ADB or Fastboot...

I've tried:

Windows XP x86
Windows 7 x64
Windows 10 x64
and not sure if it was Hudl, or dads Tablet (Lenovo) as to whether tried it in
Linux x64 too...

Tried using RKFlashtools & Fastboot....

Any idea's guys...??

The Tablet is already rooted, and has USB Debugging enabled.

Cheers, Lister

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(( Please keep this thread, and delete all other duplicates ))
For some reason the boards froze, and was displaying as though nothing was posting... when it actually had posted the previous one(s).

So please delete all duplicates, and keep this one...  Thanks

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Hi "anyone" who may still use a Hudl....

Have any of you, who have flashed the latest STOCK (Tesco's own firmware) then did the 1.3.1 update, then rooted it....

Has ANYONE then tried to flash CWM recovery afterwards? Does it still work??? As Ive tried for ages, and got nowt...

I'm about to wipe all previous configuration and setup tweaks as to how mum preffered the Tablet, in order to try get this to work again.... Before the 1.3.1 update...

Cheers, Lister

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