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unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped iwork8 ultimate

Guest cluber77

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Hi, the new  iwork8 ultimate have problem with play store, 

There are some apps when  I try to downloaded them i get this error:

Here is what I have attempted with Google Play Store:
Clear Cache
Clear Data
Force Stop/Clear Data
Force Stop/Clear Data/Shutdown-Restart Phone
Uninstall Updates/Force Stop/Clear Data/Shutdown-Restart Phone

I have also done all of these things with Google Play Services
I even uninstalled apps that I loaded immediately before this started happening

None of these things have made a bit of difference

any fix for this? factory reset didn't' fix it

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I have an iWork8 Air. Sometimes play store crashes when I try to install some apps. 

I solved with temporarily removing the sd card from its slot and reinserting it after installation completes. 

Give it a try. 

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