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Has anyone messed around with this device? Got my hands on a pair courtesy of a friend of mine, and for some reason they came with a ROM used for store demo units. Said friend is asking me if I could do something about it, but the problem is I couldn't find any working retail ROMs yet, and the one I downloaded off NeedROM doesn't work as SP Flash Tool refuses to install it due to a locked bootloader. I keep on getting "brom error: s_security_secure_usb_dl_image_sign_header_not_found (6045)" errors in SP Flash Tool regardless of version.

The one on my Epic appears to be "KOT49H.user.", but the one on NeedROM is "KOT49H.user.". The latter is rooted, which may have accounted for the aforementioned error.

Other than that I am interested in doing some work on this rather underappreciated device. There's a thread on XDA about the Epic, but thought I'd spread the word even further and pool some resources.

Here are some pics of my device:


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