I-mate Smartphone2 update now available. Did anyone try it?

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Johnbe    0
HI everyone,

1. Download the iMate zip file from the 1st page

2. Install and choose a path to extract the files to (in my case C:SPVimate) then cancel the install

3. download the Greek QTEK 8080 update (again link earlier in the post)

4. Run this and choose path to extract (C:SPVgreek)

5. Download the Florin's Fixed exe (again from this forum - maybe even this topic)

6. copy the NK.nbf file FROM the imate folder, to the Greek folder - if prompted choose to overwrite

7. Copy the fixed .exe to the Greek folder

8. Put the phone to the Canary screen (turn off then hold the record button and power button - some say you must have an SD card in at this point - I did)

9. Run the file VoUpgradeUT-GR.exe in the Greek folder

10. Viola.  If this failed run the fixed exe instead (again from Greek folder)

OMG! I finally have an E200 that functions as a phone!

I cannot thank you enough for posting this guide. I now have a phone that I can put an SD card into without killing it dead; I have a phone that has a functioning T9; I have a phone that will last more than 12 hours before it runs out of Juice.

I'm happy at last. Obviously Orange did nothing to bring me my happiness though. Useless b******s.

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I have an Orange E200 on O2 from the UK, running radio stack 1.12.04 and ROM

From others who Had the same phone as me - what procedure did you have to go through to update to the latest Imate rom? Some had to use the greek rom, & some just upgraded straight without the Fixed.exe.

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rufio    0

Well, anyone knows where to find the RUUv2.60Inst1.10.15.2_CDL_v1.11.15.32.zip ???

The prevously posted link seems to be dead :)

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quasims    0

Yes. The prevously posted link is dead :)

I'll highly appreciate if someone who has the RUUv2.60Inst1.10.15.2_CDL_v1.11.15.32.zip, can put it up for download again...


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Pondrew    1

Remember guys, you can link to official rom pages but please don't ask peeps to send you roms and please don't provide direct links.

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