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What Cellphone review of C500

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The August edition of What Cellphone carries an interesting review of the C500 on page 38. How much we can garner from this I leave to you, but it certainly makes interesting reading. The review phone is a ‘fully-functioning prototype… but which used a version of the software that was more like that used by the E200 than the finished version will be.’

Lack of a scanner prohibits a copy of the full article, but here are the juicy bits:

“Navigation through options is made possible with a strangely shaped five-way control’

‘Three further switches are provided on the side of the phone… a key provide fast access and an additional shutter release for the camera’

‘Unlike its predecessor the C500 is not provided with a neat desktop cradle for charging and syncing with a PC. Instead you get a separate USB lead and travel charger.’

‘A significant handling fault of the phone is the position of the memory expansion card.’

‘The phone will come with a 32Mb card… preloaded with a selection of trial software… ClearVue, Fizz Traveller, Berlitz phrasebook, Smart2Go, Time Out City guide to Athens, Jeffrey (animations)’

‘The camera gave very good results (better than those from the E200) when using the maximum resolution’

‘Self portraits are facilitated using a small circular mirror next to the lens’

‘The battery managed to keep the handset running (with BT off) for some 83 hours, during which we made around 20 mins of calls’

‘The pre-production sample of the SPV C500 we tested didn’t provide great audio. During calls, speech sounded slightly garbled, as if listening to a radio that wasn’t tuned in correctly. This extended to audio playback for music too’

Processor listed as 132Hz

Headphone socket pictured next to mini USB socket at base of phone

Gnereally the review was quite gushing and positive, with the overall rating being 91%. The pages that followed reviewed the Nokia 7610 - much less gushing in tone, yet achieved 93%.

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it definatly sounds good, my phone is up for replacemtn in the autumn so im going to look into getting one.

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