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Interesting statistics..

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I noticed a Sitehistory tab top of the page, so went to see what's there... Now I know how sad I am and can proudly say I had no life since I got my SPV (or just F.A. to do @work), anyway.. :?

Apparently most posts/topics/replies/newusers etc. are on Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu. Least seems to be on Fri with not many during w-end.. Assuming that many executive people are owners of SPVs I come to a conclusion that we're all boys with our toys and I would prob. be answering many of my boss's questions here if he had one (unluckily for him, hasn't).. :wink:

Or has he?? You there boss?? It's me...... [my name here] :roll:

Oh well, approaching my 250 post.. Gimme a gun with 1 bullet!!

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