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Is it me or is MoDaCo an Anagram of DoCaMo

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Its weird coz I realised it instantly but never thought to mention it! Sorry if this seems off topic but its quite cool...

[blur:016217e431]DoCaMo --> MoDaCo[/blur:016217e431]

DoCaMo or NTT DoCaMo is Japans Biggest Telco and Mobile Network provider. They are the first telecomms company to implement the 3G phones and systems... The take up in Japan has been bad because of availabillity problems and lack of services... But things are picking up :D

... just a thought!

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Nice one lads!! Great site, what can I say!?! The phone is a bit shite at the mo, but I love it (let me think again about that one) - syncronization is BEST, i've been waiting 4 a phine with such features for a while now (didn't like t68), since it's crap having a PDA with all contacts when you need to use the bloody mobile to make a call anyway. Right. Enough said.

Big it up for Paul and all the other good people working on this thing.

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