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Microsoft Windows Mobile Software Developer Kits

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I've got 4 of the MS WM Dev kit DVD's sitting in my room.

You can order them yourselves from the MS site, but if you doesn't fancy the massive downloads or waiting for MS to post one out reply to this message or drop me a PM and i'll post one on to you :)

If theres a big response then i'll see about getting some more in.

The DVD Contains:

Technical Articles

Case Studies


eVC++ 3, 4 and SP3 for v4

PPC 2002/3 SDK's

Emu's for WM 2003 Second Editions

Developer Resources for WM2003SE

.NET CF 1.0 SP2

Developer power toys.

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PM me your name and address and i'll stick one in the post for you :)

I got a silver C500 a few weeks ago but managed to smash the screen within a week, gutted. It's taken until Thursday this week for HTC to get their arses in gear and let me send it to them for repair, 107 quid! *sobs*

Anyway - the sig will change once its returned :lol:

Anyone else want a DVD - still got 3 left :lol:

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is any more left?

also is VB.net like VB cos I learnt a bit of VB in college and I am thinking about making a few VB Programs the will run on WM 02/03

just wondering if its a big diff in the code?



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