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sd card frustrations - have l00ked thru the forum - no help

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just got a second hand e200 from a workmate for my little brother. He loves it.....despite.....the fact that he sold his 256mb mp3 player cause i told him.

"hey, with the e200 you wont be needin that old thing!"

Now i have tested 3 sd cards including the orange 8mb one and 1 mmc card and i get no joy at all - have formatted them on my pc card reader to FAT fomat. Have tried formatting them in that free e200 explorer program.

Now you'd think it's be hardware but......if i hold down the voice record button and power on it says "card detected" or summat.

Have tried Hard Reset and latest e200 update from orange site.....

A n y o n e ?

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Welcome to the forum mate :lol:

Some more info please.

Sure they're MP3s ? No really, some do think any music files are MP3.

Which application are you trying to play the MP3s with ?

Can you see the MP3s on the storage card when browsing with a file explorer ?

Does the storage card work with other installed software ?

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dont even get that far friend....

i insert card and nothing happens - no "card inserted" message of anything. I then go to try to access the card using that 3rd party explorer app or using the built in multimedia album/ memory card my documents.

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