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theres an annoying problem with my mio 8390 please help

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i got my mio 8390 recently and i keep on getting these sms alerts... every time it picks up reception it would send a message saying where its picked the reception from... and i'd delete it and then i'd just come again ... is this a network problem or the phone?? and im not able to receive messages from any1 except for these stupid alerts!!

what do i do to stop these ALERTS and receive normal messages... please help me

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I,ve got exactly the same thing with my 8390, it seems to send me an SMS from 'Network' or no one at all, of the area code of the place i'm in, e.g 01635, 01488, 0208 etc. And when i try and delete them, they come back again, and it won't let me reply 2 them 4 sum reason. How can this 'setting' be turned off?

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